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Friday, 1 July 2011

Toying with SQL

For some time now, I've been dabbling in Transact-SQL, Microsoft's interpretation of Structured Query Language, and SQL Server. Along the way I've learned a lot about both, for good and bad :)

I've learned a lot from reading around the subject. There are a lot of good authors out there that know a lot about SQL Server between them all, but I've always felt that I've learned best by doing, not reading.

To that end, I've been using the Project Euler problems to give me a way to exercise what I've read about.

Project Euler is all about applying a combination of mathematical and programming knowledge to answer stated mathematical problems. You're free to use whatever programming language you wish, one of the good reasons for using the site. By answering a problem successfully, you gain access to forums where other successful Eulerians give insight into their programs in their choice of language.

In this way you can gain an understanding of both other ways you might approach a given problem, and how other languages operate to achieve the same goal.

My intention over the next few posts is to discuss the problems I have solved in T-SQL so far. Both the solutions themselves and the techniques I've used to put them together will be fair game.

Hopefully, you'll see something useful amongst it all!